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Future Keyboarding

The AEIOU KeyboardTM is the future of keyboards because a beginner can now easily learn how to type. The organization of the letters into groups makes it intuitively easy to determine where a letter is located.

The AEIOU KeyboardTM has the vowels aligned on the left… and then alphabetical from left to right in color coded groups. This arrangement enables the typist to quickly know where a letter is located, rather than the historical search through twenty-six random letters.

This new AEIOU KeyboardTM is especially useful for those making the transition from typing on a standard keyboard with ten fingers to a smart phone and typing with one finger or both thumbs. This new touch screen app is especially handy for one-handed use.

The AEIOU KeyboardTM has a patent pending with the U.S. Patent office and a copyright pending with the U.S. Copyright Office. Goals are eventually to replace the 135 year-old QWERTY keyboard layout.

The AEIOU KeyboardTM is now available for licensing for manufacturers of smart phones, smart pads, point-of-sale devices, GPS devices (click for market research) and any other device having a keyboard and requiring data to be entered by pressing one key with one finger.

The marketing plan is to manufacture a Notebook and Office Keyboard to compliment the compact keyboard already for sale on Amazon.com. A Smart Phone and Smart Tablet will also be developed which has the AEIOU KeyboardTM as the default keyboard, but gives the user the easy option of switching to QWERTY. Licensing agreements will be sought from GPS manufacturers and Point-of-Sale developers.

The AEIOU KeyboardTM will be an attractive to:

  • Slow typists who rely on visual cues (The average speed of all typists is 30 wpm, so there are plenty of very slow typers.).
  • The AEIOU KeyboardTM may help dyslexics or those with more or learning problems.
  • Keyboards at point of purchase (stores, bistros, etc.) especially for those who are not skilled with a keyboard.
  • Other vending other equipment (such fax and copying machines) using a QWERTY keyboard.

The computer market is vast…with 350 million personal computers, 150 million laptops and 36 million smart phones sold each year. Billions in use. Each one has a keyboard. And the AEIOU KeyboardTM is a better keyboard.

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