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  • Children will intuitively learn how to type on on the AEIOU Keyboard TM . It will be fun to type.They will be immediately be able to type their name on the screen . The AEIOU compact Keyboard TM can be taken to school and plugged into either a PC or Mac
  • The AEIOU notebook Computer TM has a Touch Screen with both the AEIOU and Qwerty Keyboards . A touch on the screen changes changes from one to another . The hard keys are the AEIOU Keyboard TM design.
  • Adults who have difficulty typing , will quickly learn the placement of the letters on the AEIOU keyboard TM. If they continue to “hunt & peck” they will i improve , but will a little practice using AEIOU TypingTM , They will soon begin to develop muscle memory to improve even further . Below are the fundamentals of typing AEIOU Typing TM . The PDF can be downloaded and put next to typer for practice.

Makes Hunt & Peck typing easier:
Vowels on left. XYZ on right. BCD/RST in columns. Remainder in middle.
Color coding makes letters easier to find.
Ten minutes practice is recommended (See website for tutorial.)

Tutorial at www.aeioukeyboard.com
Compatible with PC’s, Mac’s, Laptops.
Happy typing

Download PDF Page

Play Tutorial

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